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Why Is This Hero Hurrying With Releases?


Despite the fact that he is coming up with routine masala content back to back, this young hero is not realising that releasing quick movies will not be helping in any way.

We are talking about ‘Police Story’ fame SaiKumar’s son Aadi Pudipeddi, whose attack on the Telugu audience in recent times is quite surprising to everyone.

Recently this hero has come up with the film “Tees Maar Khan” which got rejected outright by the audience. By the end of the first weekend, the film is almost gone in all the theatres due to the pathetic content they have come up with.

A month later, Aadi Saikumar is now coming up with the film “Crazy Fellow”, whose teaser and songs are being released regularly, as they are expecting an October 14th release.

Not stopping there, now a teaser of another Aadi film is released too. Titled “CSI Sanathan”, the movie’s teaser sounded like they are inspired by films like Viswaksen’s HIT, and the teaser showcased nothing fresh.

One wonders why this young hero is hurrying this way and failing to capitalize on so many producers who are offering opportunities by choosing the right stories.




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