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An Actor Is Targeting Me With Memes And Trolls: Manchu Vishnu


Actor Manchu Vishnu interacted with the press during the promotions of his new movie Ginna. When asked about the cyber harassment the women celebrities are facing these days and the needed action against the miscreants, Manchu Vishnu revealed his own experience.

While saying about the online trolls that have gone beyond the limit to harass him and his family, Manchu Vishnu revealed that he is being targeted by an actor. Not putting his name out, Manchu Vishnu said he was given the details by the Cybercrime department and it has the majority of trolls coming from an actor’s office in jubilee hills. Alleging that these employees at the office are paid to target him, Manchu Vishnu said he will reveal more details at Friday’s press meet.

Answering the question, Manchu Vishnu says the MAA will not tolerate online harassment and he will focus on it from now. He further said he had to focus on the MAA elections and waited for the memers and trolls to calm down.

Well, it has to be seen if Manchu Vishnu puts the name of the actor who he says is targeting him with the paid trolls. And who could be that actor?




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