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RRR Writer’s Story On Hyderabad Liberation


The Telangana BJP is very adamant on ousting the TRS party/government in the next Assembly elections. One of the BJP’s strategies is to attract the film industry and accordingly the top BJP leaders have met the likes of Jr NTR, Nithiin among others.

Now the T-BJP is reportedly backing and producing three films that are being made on Nizam, thereby the party wants to gain political advantage in the Assembly polls. Producer Abhishek Agarwal of ‘The Kashmir Files’ and ‘Karthikeya 2’ fame who is also a BJP leader, is producing a film based on Nizams and their rule.

Speaking on it Abhishek Agarwal said a team has researched on the subject and worked on the script for two years. ‘The Kashmir Files’ team will work on this project and the film is likely to be announced later this year.

Another BJP leader is heard to be producing a film on similar lines. He adds that he has allotted Rs 30 crore budget for the film and based on Amit Shah’s suggestion, the film will go on a pan India scale. The BJP leader also registered three titles for his film with the Film Chamber and they are ‘Razakar’, ‘Razakar Files’ and ‘Nizam Diaries.’

Last but not least is noted writer and Rajya Sabha MP Vijayendra Prasad. He acknowledged that he is penning a script on the backdrop of ‘liberation of erstwhile Hyderabad’ state and its merger into Indian Union.

“I am attempting to give a humanitarian message that Muslims and Hindus are both integral parts of India. It will take at least a couple of months for the script to be ready,” quoted Vijayendra Prasad.

All the three films are likely to release before December 2023 and the T-BJP believes that these films would be their trump card against TRS and MIM.




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