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Audience Changed, Stories Changed, Heroes’ Speeches?


So many changes are happening to films, scripts, stories, acting styles, and the way filmmakers approach movies these days. Post the pandemic, the mindsets of audiences have changed and the way they consume content got changed big time. At this juncture, filmmakers and actors who have changed their approach are succeeding big time. The success of films like Bimbisara, Sitaramam and Karthikeya 2 reflects the same.

Guess what, some audience are complaining that though everything got changed the way some senior heroes speak about films hasn’t changed. Other day, Megastar Chiru told in an interview that Godfather is something beyond imagination, and it will have dialogues that are laced with messages. He stated the same during Acharya promotions too.

Cut to Nagarjuna, he uttered at The Ghost pre-release event that back then he came with a cycle chain, and now he’s coming up with a sword (Katana). Well, what would happen if he comes up with any weapon other than an interesting and intriguing narrative inside the movie? Rather than highlighting the physical elements or dialogues that the heroes feel would get claps in theatres, it’s better to talk about the emotional journey that a movie would give to the audience.

These days even the so-called hardcore fans of these heroes are expecting their favorite stars to come up with fresh content only, and they are not in a mood to accept routine masala content. On that note, heroes should change their speeches also, and there is no point in talking about legacies, sentimental dates and past glory anymore as films are being judged only on their merit but not the history of the hero and director.




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