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No Vulgarity In Swathimuthyam: Naga Vamsi


Ganesh’s launch pad film Swathimuthyam will be competing with Chiranjeevi’s GodFather and Nagarjuna’s The Ghost coming on Dasara on October 5th. Meanwhile, producer Naga Vamsi interacted with the media, as part of the movie promotions.

What’s Swathimuthyam All About?
It’s a fun-filled family entertainer with a first-of-its-kind subject for the Telugu audience. We explained a controversial topic in a fun tone. Though the story deals with the concept of sperm donation, it’s not the remake of any film.

Will there be any vulgarity in the narration?
There is no vulgarity in the movie. Sperm donation is a taboo in India and we don’t even like to talk about it. However, Lakshman narrated the story entertainingly.

Is it confidence or overconfidence to release the movie, despite the heavy competition?
Chiranjeevi’s GodFather and Nagarjuna’s The Ghost are also arriving for Dasara. In fact, there are more than two movies releasing every week. There’s always a space for films’ release during big seasons like Dasara. Moreover, we didn’t watch an entertaining movie in recent times, after DJ.

Tell us about Ganesh’s character?
He’s an innocent guy with soft nature. His innocence provides laughs. The complete story revolves around this character. Ganesh will earn a good name for coming up with a concept-oriented movie.

What’s your strategy behind early premieres?
We’ll be holding premiere shows of the movie on October 4th with second shows in around 10 cities in AP and Telangana. We are hoping the positive talk from the shows will be helpful for the movie.

When will SSMB28 next schedule begin?
Mahesh Babu’s film was supposed to start on 9th. We need to wait and see. Frankly speaking, Athadu and Khaleja didn’t work in theatres. But they got superb responses on TV. I assure you that, SSMB28 will exceed all your expectations.

Will there be an item song in Mahesh-Trivikram film?
We’re requesting Trivikram to include an item song in the film. He probably would give his nod.




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