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Many Goosebump Moments In The Ghost: Praveen Sattaru


Nagarjuna and Praveen Sattaru’s highly anticipated action thriller ‘The Ghost’ is coming as Dasara special. The team has intensified the promotions, as it will arrive in another 4 days. Here are excerpts from Praveen Sattaru’s chitchat with scribes:

What is the justification of the title ‘The Ghost’?
Ghost is an imaginary word. It has power in the fields of Intelligence and Raw. It is called Ghost Protocol. In this, the protagonist’s code is Ghost. The underworld call him The Ghost.

How did you feel when you narrate the story to Nagarjuna?
I initially met producers Suniel Narang and Sarrath Marar. When we were discussing a project, Nag sir said, let’s do something else. Nagarjuna has a special image in my mind. I’ve written the story to show him the way I wanted to. This is the first time in my career that I penned a story for a hero. The character will have less dialogue but will have a huge impact with the action. Behind every action scene, there is a strong emotion.

What’s the importance of Tamahagane and other weapons in The Ghost?
While writing the story we write a back story for each character. Having such a back story gives strength to the character. Nagarjuna will be seen as a 40-year-old Interpol officer. When he goes to Japan on a mission, a man presents him with a Tamahagane. There are 12 action sequences.

What was the biggest challenge you faced with The Ghost?
The shooting schedule was slightly disturbed due to the second wave and the third wave of covid. We planned to shoot in Dubai. After going there, the action choreographer was not available. Shooting permissions had also become difficult due to Covid regulations.

How will The Ghost be?
It is a film with high emotions and heroism. There are many goosebumps moments. There are whistleblowing moments too. This is a classy movie with mass elements.

What do you say about the competition between The Ghost and Godfather?
They are two different movies. I believe that every good movie will be watched by the audience.

What’s your next project?
My next movie with Varun Tej will start in UK on October 10. I’m also planning to do a web series.




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