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‘You’ll Be Known As Gold Digger, I’ll Be A Girl With Weird Clothes’


The ugly spat between Urfi Javed and Chahatt Khanna has come up again. The two women earlier exchanged some serious comments when Chahatt commented on Urfi’s dressing, that she is doing it for attention. The fight began again.

The other day when Chahatt Khanna’s name cropped up in conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s case, Urfi called it out on her social media making fun of her saying, ‘But I’m the obnoxious one for dressing up indecently and paying the media!:)’ Urfi publicly apologized to Chahatt later for passing comments on her divorces.

Yesterday, Chahatt Khanna took her turn to respond. She wrote, ‘Kya hua wannabe didi? Apne tho sorry bola tha, ab phir se sorry bolne ka irada hai kya? Bas kar pagli ab baar baar sorry bolke rulayegi kya.’

Urfi replied to her, ‘I said sorry for speaking about your divorces, why will I apologize for you going to jail to take money and gifts from random men? Stop embarrassing yourself. You commented on my clothes, calling them obnoxious whereas you’re the one who’s ready to even visit men in jail to get money. Honey, no competition. But I am sorry, I thought fighting with me will be the highlight of you are career but nothing can beat this controversy:) you’ll forever be known as a gold digger and I’ll be known as the girl with weird clothes. Latter is better.’

She further wrote, ‘Also, I’m like half of your age aunty. Didi bulane se aap cool nahi ban jayendi. Stop using my name for fame, go enjoy those Gucci bags and watches.’

It looks like it will be the end of this typing war. It has to be seen if it stays the same.




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