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You Can’t Escape From ‘Rajamouli Phobia’


Currently, SS Rajamouli is undeniably the number one director in India. He reached heights with his Baahubali franchise and RRR. In fact, he paved a path for many Indian directors to make big films on a big scale and release them in multiple languages across the country. Brahmasthra is one recent example.

After Baahubali, we have seen many historical and period films like Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, Samrat Prithviraj, Marakkar, and recent Ponniyin Selvan. But none of these films made an impact like Baahubali.

Whenever a big-budget period film is gearing up for release, people start comparing it with Baahubali. The same thing happened with the recent release, Ponniyin Selvan. The cast and crew of this film were constantly asked whether Ponniyin Selvan has any similarities with the Baahubali franchise.

The team had to constantly ask people not to compare their film with Baahubali. But still, comparisons are being made. After watching Ponniyin Selvan, many viewers compared it with Baahubali in various aspects. This is certainly unwanted, that too when a big director is coming up with his own vision.

Thus, directors who are attempting to do big-budget historic or period films are now catching up with the ‘Rajamouli Phobia’. They just can’t escape it.

If it is a big director like Mani Ratnam, he will be definitely compared with Rajamouli. As a result, these films are automatically getting compared to the Baahubali series, no matter what.

Thus, other directors should be ready to face this Rajamouli Phobia. There is no escaping that aspect.




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