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Why Boyapati Stopped Chasing Bollywood Divas?


In a couple of months, it will be almost a year since director Boyapati Sreenu’s blockbuster film “Akhanda” was released in theatres. Surprisingly, the director is yet to take off his next as rumors are being heard that his film with Ram Pothineni is currently suffering from some financial crunch. However, the makers have yesterday given an announcement about heroin, such that fans will not get disappointed by the rumors.

It has now come out that Ram Pothineni’s film with Boyapati will be featuring Agent movie fame Sakshi Vaidya as one of the leading ladies in the film. Another heroine will also be selected but she will be of a similar range or a new girl probably.

When Ram and Boyapati started this project, they thought of roping someone in the likes of a Janhvi Kapoor or Ananya Panday and tried for so many other popular Bollywood starlets’ dates too. However, with the producer restricting the budget of the film, the first cut that happened is to the heroine-dreams only.

While Bollywood’s happening beauties are asking for more than ₹4 crores as a pay packet, now Boyapati has to pick two heroines in under ₹1 crore budget only. That’s the reason Boyapati stopped chasing Bollywood beauties and finalised Sakshi very quickly. We hear that someone among the likes of a few happening Telugu beauties will be picked up as another leading lady.




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