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When Rashmika Autographed On A Fan’s Chest!


Happening beauty Rashmika Mandanna is growing big in Bollywood each day, say it with the choice of films she is picking there or her spiciest appearances before the press as she is promoting her upcoming film “Goodbye”. After the super success of Pushpa in Hindi hinterlands, she has signed almost 3-4 projects including Ranbir and Sandeep Vanga’s Animal too. And here’s the spicy snippet everyone is waiting for.

With each passing day, the national crush is amassing more fans in Bollywood and other day a crazy fan who requested her for a picture has done another crazy thing. The youngster asked Rashmika to sign on the chest part of the white tee he was wearing. Without any second thoughts, the actress obliged the request and dropped her signature on his heart. No doubt, even Rashmika blushed at the act and felt overwhelmed by the love she was receiving there.

When paparazzi who are clicking the shots of this happening asked her if she was feeling that as a great moment, the actress gave a million-dollar expression, indicating that she’s so blessed to enjoy such a fanbase.




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