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What’s Wrong With This Young Hero?


After watching the OTT film ‘Raja varu Rani Varu’ many felt that newly debuting hero Kiran Abbavaram is here to stay. But going by the fate of his films and the type of content he’s coming up, it looks like he is losing his judgement and the kind of his latest movie “Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavadni” being a terrible example.

Though the film SR Kalyanamandapam is slammed by critics for its poor content, some audiences in B&C centers embraced it. Taking that as a cue, Kiran is continuing to churn out similar mass centric youthful films that have neither a novel storyline nor a compelling narrative. Moreover, he’s trying to do a Pawan Kalyan like thing by stuffing the movies with item songs, dances, fights and comedy that never works. This latest movie has a plot that is beaten to death and only good for two twists which anyway doesn’t seem interesting after watching a boring film for hours.

Though Kiran is new here, his thought is pretty old and stuck in the 90s if his latest film is anything to go by as he happens to be a screenplay and dialogue writer as well for the movie. The actor has movies like Vinarao Bhagyamu Vishnukatha, Meter and Rules Ranjan lined up, whose teasers also promised that he will be coming up with only ‘massy commercial’ content. We have to see what happens to him.

Back then, when the likes of Raj Tarun and Sandeep Kishan are appreciated for coming up with content-based films, they switched to heroic deeds by doing mass commercial films, and that pulled them down to an all-time low now.




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