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THAARANGA (తారంగ) Full Movie

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Synopsis :

Ranga and Tara loud each other and got married they both are leading A happy life with their 5 years old kid Ranga’s friend Ravi is a road contractor and staying in your farmhouse Ranga and Tara on the invitation of Ravi visit the farmhouse to spend Five Days happy But some unexpected incidents happened there. Their son Chinna gets missing twice which leads to a quarrel and misunderstanding between them in the tussle Ranga beats Tara And unfortunately Paradise. Tara tries to scare in the Disguise of the devil so has to surprise the anger of Ranga. Tara dreams that her effort becomes fruitful and Ranga’s anger subsides and she reveals that she is not dead and that is she played the devil drama with the help of Ravi continuously dreaming that Ranga gets realised about knowing the truth at that moment Ravi approaches Tara and asks her to stop Dreaming. Ravi threadness Tara that if she does not fulfil his sexual instinct she would kill her husband and son Chinna. Narasimha and Mallesh have been working faithfully with Ravi since the very beginning. years and when the story reaches the climax it will be know that Narsimha and Mallesh are none other than the chi officers who pretend To be the faithful servants of Ravi which a view to expose the his illegal business to the law that’s why Narasimha utilised the help of Tara by designing her devil drama. to each Ravi and his boss Chitti Babu, Narasimha also saves Tara from the dangerous shackless of Ravi Ultimately the story comes to a happy end when the artist of Ravi and his boss Chitti Babu Ranga revills to Tara that Chitti Babu only is the boss of Ravi Tara angrily all friends are useless fellows. on seeing his mum’s anger Chinna thinks that his dad’s Anger transferred to mummy..



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