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VT13: Varun Tej Set To Fight For Country


Pushing boundaries and attempting challenging characters, Varun Tej will be seen in an inspiring character as an IAF (Indian Airforce) Officer in his 13th film to be made on Sony Pictures International Productions, in partnership with Renaissance Pictures.

Ad filmmaker and cinematographer Shakti Pratap Singh will be making his directorial debut with the movie and today they have come up with a new poster which we can call it as a pre-look. Appears as an IAF Officer who is set to fight for his country, Varun Tej is seen standing between combat aircrafts. Although his face is not visible in the back pose, what we can conclude is he looks apt in the getup for his height and structure. The poster undoubtedly creates good interest on the movie.

Varun Tej who underwent rigorous training to shape up his body is also taking immense training to play IAF Officer. Varun Tej’s character is said to have different layers. The film indeed will be a perfect tribute to the Indian Air Force.

Inspired by true events, VT13 will showcase the indomitable spirits of our heroes on the frontlines and the challenges they face as they fight one of the biggest, fiercest aerial attacks that India has ever seen.

The movie has been launched today in a spectacular manner. VT13 will go on sets from November, while it will have theatrical release in 2023. It will be shot simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi.




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