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Viral: Gautam Menon’s Epic Reply To Interviewer’s Laughable Question


Not all the interviewers do the basic homework before heading to interview a celebrity. It is up to the mood and wit of that celebrity on how they react to a laughable question. Here is a interviewer on YouTube who put a ignorant question and the star director Gautam Vasudev Menon gave an epic reply to it.

In a YouTube interview, Gautam Menon was asked on how he could coordinate between stars like Vijay Sethupathi, Simbhu, Aravind Swamy and Arun Vijay in his previous movie and how difficult was it. Actually, it was Mani Ratnam who made the movie with all of them and the movie is Nawab.

Gautam Menon was quick to acknowledge and he threw a big satire back at the person. Gautam Menon said ‘it was difficult to bring them all together with the dates and all, but u know, I am Mani Ratnam. I can easily call them and they will come. I start the shoot at 4:30 or 5 in the morning and they will all be there. If you hear that an actor doesn’t turn up for a Gautam Menon’s movie at 7, he was there for Mani sir.. for me. So it was a great experience.’

It looks like the interviewer did not catch the satire even after Gautam Menon called himself Mani Ratnam. This short clip of the interview is now going viral.




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