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Trailer: Swathimuthyam From Godavari Jilla


Bellamkonda Sreenivas’s younger brother and producer Bellamkonda Suresh’s younger son Bellamkonda Ganesh is set to make his acting debut with Swathimuthyam. Touted to be a family entertainer, this movie features Varsha Bollamma as the female lead.

The theatrical trailer of the film was released just about a while ago. Going by it, the movie looks like an out-and-out family entertainer filled with an ample amount of comedy and romantic elements. 

The trailer starts off with the hero (Ganesh) and heroine (Varsha) meeting at a coffee shop. They like each other and decide to get married. But a problem arises all of a sudden and how that problem affected their marriage forms the main crux of the story.

The story is set in the Godavari region. The freshness can be seen in the visuals and characterizations. The background score also lifted the mood. On the whole, Swathi Muthyam seems to be a winner.

It is slated for a worldwide release on October 5. It is clashing with Godfather and The Ghost. Both those films are aimed at the mass audience while Swathi Muthyam is aimed at the class audience. It is directed by Lakshman K Krishna and produced by Sithara Entertainments.




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