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Tollywood’s Mad Rush Moment – Dil Raju Silent?


Coming Friday on Sept 23rd we have films like Naga Shaurya’s ‘Krishna Vrinda Vihari’, Sree Vishnu’s ‘Alluri’, and Srisimha’s ‘Dongalunnaru Jagratha’ hitting the cinemas, while on 30th the likes of Maniratnam’s Ponniyan Selvan and Danush’s Nene Vastunna (29th) are releasing. Then we have Megastar’s Godfather, Nagarjuna’s The Ghost sweating it out on October 5th, while Manchu Vishnu’s Jinna and Bellamkonda Ganesh’s Swathimuthyam also joined the race to test their luck. Well, what’s this mad rush?

Some say that clashes could be averted but then who is going to talk about it? Earlier Dil Raju used to spearhead the activities of the “Active Producers Guild” and he used to sit in the discussions and debates of the producers to ensure that big clashes won’t happen. And now, reports are coming up that Raju is not involved in any sort of this, and he wants the producers to take a call on their releases as he wouldn’t be at a loss if each film eats into the revenues of other movies around.

Some insiders revealed that firstly Dil Raju is upset that some of his latest ventures including “Thank You” didn’t do well though he took a lot of care regarding the script, story and promotions of the movie. The top producer first wants to figure out what works and what won’t for the Telugu audience now. Then we have the Guild issues, where Raju got hurt for a few top producers speaking against the whole temporary shutdown of the industry in August.

However, some top producers are expecting Dil Raju to jump into the scene and avert certain box office clashes. Otherwise, the films will run only on their merit but there won’t be huge revenue generation with so many options around for a moviegoer.




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