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That’s The Biggest High For Mega Fans Right Now


Other day finally Konidela Pro Company announced that the promotional campaign of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s “Godfather” will be beginning on a terrific, not from this Tuesday. They have clarified the song releases, pre-release events, and much more. Of all these announcements, here’s the one that gave might high to mega fans right now.

Apparently, it has come out earlier that Megastar Chiranjeevi is not interested in the release of “Godfather” in Bollywood. With Salman Khan doing a guest role in the movie, surely the film’s Hindi release would fetch well however many wondered by the senior hero is not showing interest. But finally, the makers of “Godfather” confirmed that on October 5th, even the Hindi version of the movie will be released, while Salman Khan will be promoting the film big time in Bollywood now.

Also there are reports around “Godfather” that the makers are not selling the film in most of the areas but releasing it on their own. Because Chiranjeevi is said to have thought that the distributors of ‘Acharya’ have suffered a lot and he doesn’t want ‘Godfather’ to be a burden on them now.




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