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Thank You Message: Rajamouli Puts His Heroes First


Legendary director SS Rajamouli is a happy man because the single show of his magnum opus #RRR at the Chinese theatre in Los Angeles received applause that a benefit show of the next day’s releasing film usually gets. And the roaring sounds of fans, the dances of a foreign audience, and the love they showered on him have made the director put up a post on his Instagram.

The ace filmmaker took to his social media to share a video from the Los Angeles theatre, and he said, “Your adoration and applause towards my heroes, my film and me were enormous. THANK YOU USA”.

Usually, Rajamouli says thank you to fans and film lovers all the time, but the way he kept his heroes first is the thing that is getting all the attention. No doubt, the filmmaker is giving complete credits to his leading men, Ram Charan and Jr NTR, who played the iconic roles of Ram and Bheem in RRR, for taking the film to a next level.

No doubt the director is being too humble here because the credit he deserves for creating such a wonderful pan-world film is bigger than what his actors have delivered. And that’s Rajamouli for you!




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