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Something Fishy Behind Tamannaah’s ‘Bouncer’ Attack ?


The incident of milky siren Tamannaah Bhatia’s bouncers doing over-action with a media photographer in Hyderabad has gone completely viral. And later there is no news of it after the press-meet got wrapped. Many are wondering if this is a publicity stunt by the makers of “Babli Bouncer” where Tamannaah will be appearing as a bouncer.

In fact, Tamannaah has come to many press meets in Hyderabad and we have never seen almost 5-8 bouncers escorting her to these media events. This is the first time there are so many bouncers around the milky siren even though the press meet is strictly for the press and there is no presence of fans out there. And then, a bouncer stopping a media photographer and restricting him strictly sounds like a planned act only to bring attention to the movie.

The film Babli Bouncer is directed by award-winning filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar but the film hasn’t got any attention after the release of trailer as well as it looked like a concoction of movies like Dangal, Sultan, Mary Kom and much more. That too with the film heading for a straight release on OTT platform, surely the buzz will be very low and only some crazy promotions will get the attention. That’s the reason many feel that the bouncers incident is a staged act to grab the eyes.

‘Babli Bouncer’ will be releasing on Disney+Hotstar on Sept 23.




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