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Ranbir Reveals Brahmastra Budget Figures Are Wrong


Brahmastra opened hugely but with mixed talk. The movie is running successfully at the box office and minting money. Nevertheless, Kangana Ranaut had been waiting to ridicule Brahamastra and she blasted the director and actors of the movie for wasting a mammoth 600 crore rupees.

In a recent interview, Ranbir Kapoor revealed that the budget figures of Brahmastra as per the social media discussions are not correct. Ranbir says that the numbers floating on social media are true but for all three parts of Brahmastra, not just for the first part.

Ranbir Kapoor did not reveal the actual numbers regarding the Brahmastra budget, but once and for all clarifies that the budget is for the whole trilogy. So far, Brahmastra has reportedly collected more than Rs 200 crore with its all-India net.

Ranbir also said that Ayan Mukherji does not follow the usual economics of a film because Brahmastra was a VFX-heavy project. Ranbir further revealed that the assets they have made for this film, be it fire or any other superpower, will be divided into three films.




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