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Prabhas: Wrong Rumours At The Wrong Time


Prabhas is a man of zero controversies. We never see his name in media in connection with any controversy or a linkup. We already know Prabhas is currently a pan-India star. Thus, Bollywood media is spreading rumours about him and indirectly promoting his film Adipurush.

For the last few days, it is being rumoured that Prabhas is in a relationship with his Adipurush co-star Kriti Sanon. It was reported that they are seeing each other but don’t want to announce their relationship anytime soon.

Generally, B-Town media cook linkup stories between actors whenever they are coming together with a new film. The same is happening in the case of Prabhas and Kriti.

They have been shooting for Adipurush for more than a year and all these days, we didn’t get any news about their rumoured relationship. All of a sudden, articles started popping up when the film’s release is due in a few months.

Meanwhile, these rumours have landed in the media at the wrong time because Prabhas is going through a tough phase as his uncle Krishnam Raju passed away a few days ago. When he is dealing with a personal loss, it is sad to see Bollywood media spreading these rumours about him.




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