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Prabhas To Lakhs Of Fans: ‘Andaru bhojanalu chesi vellandi’


Rebel Star Prabhas is in his hometown Mogulthuru to organize the prayer meeting for his uncle Krishnam Raju, who passed away a couple of weeks ago. Prabhas went to Mogulthuru after a gap of more than 12 years.

Reportedly, the last time he went to the village was when his father passed away in 2010. As he is coming after so many years, thousands of fans have visited Mogulthuru.

The pictures and videos of Prabhas interacting with his fans are now going viral all over social media.

In one of the videos, we can see Prabhas telling his fans, “Andaru bhojanalu chesi vellandi. (Everyone please have lunch).”

Along with Prabhas, Krishnam Raju’s entire family went to Mogulthuru to attend the prayer meeting.

Fans have erected flexis and cut-outs all over the region and conducted bike rallies to celebrate Prabhas’s arrival in his village.

Krishnam Raju was a big time foodie and everyone in the movie industry knows it. On this occasion, the legendary actor’s family ensured to arrange all favourite dishes of the actor to the fans coming from all over the Telugu states.

Meanwhile, we also hear that statues of Krishnam Raju and his brother Surya Narayana Raju (Prabhas’s father) will be installed in Mogulthuru.




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