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Politics Are Not Away From Me: Chiranjeevi


Megastar Chiranjeevi usually uses his social media platforms to promote his movies, express his opinions on different things and also to share his personal happenings. However, Chiranjeevi surprised his fans by posting an audio file on his Twitter which is a voice message of the actor about politics.

“Nenu Rajakeeyam Nunci Dooramgaa Unnanu, Kaanee Rajakeeyam Naa Nunchi Dooram Kaaledu. (I’m Away From Politics, But Politics Are Not Away From Me),” said Chiranjeevi and his comments create a stir.

After merging his political outfit Praja Rajyam with Congress, Chiranjeevi has shifted his focus completely on politics. He indeed was completely away from politics, for last few years. He didn’t even publicly support his brother Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena Party, though Nagababu is an active member.

What do you say about Chiranjeevi’s comments? What are his real intentions? Is there any other purpose behind it? If so, what is it?




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