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Once A Star Director Is Back After Decade Break


Ever since director Vijaya Bhaskar’s new film got launched recently with the filmmaker announcing that they will reveal the star cast on the eve of Dasara, an interesting debate kickstarted on social media. Popular for films like Swayamvaram, Nuvve Kavali, Nuvvu Naku Nachav, Manmadhudu, Malleswari, Jai Chiranjeeva and Prema Kavali, the director is wielding the megaphone after nearly a decade of hiatus as his last film Masala released in 2013.

While Prema Kavali and Masala (remake movie) are not talked about, most of the other films in the above catalog are superhits. But then, talking about those movies often remind us of Trivikram only as his dialogues are super powerful, entertaining and settled in the minds of the Telugu audience forever.

Owing to this, many say that with Trivikram writing terrific words for those movies, later audiences never accepted Vijaya Bhaskar’s movies because that magical writing touch is missing. And they are blaming Trivikram for giving hand to the director like that. Guess what, Trivikram was not only a dialogue writer but also worked as Assistant Director to Vijaya Bhaskar, so naturally, an AD becomes a Director, isn’t it?

On the other hand, if we take the likes of Rajamouli who employed different dialogue writers for many of his films, though dialogues stood out tall, it is his storytelling abilities that were always lauded. So, why blame Trivikram for Vijaya Bhaskar’s downfall? One could only hope now that the talented director will choose the right script and dialogues, and bounces back with a bang.




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