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National Cinema Day: Here Is The Twist


Earlier this month, the multiplex association of India announced that National Cinema Day would be held on September 16. It was stated that tickets will be sold at Rs. 75 on that day across 4000 multiplexes in the city. Later, the date was pushed to September 23.

It was speculated that the makers of Brahmastra pushed the date in order to boost their collections. Anyway, it is now confirmed that the National Cinema Day will be held this Friday. However, not all theatres give this offer to the audience.

Already, the PVR chain stated that this offer would not be applicable in cities like Hyderabad, Kochi, and many others. The announcement disappointed Hyderabadis. Next week, there are three notable releases in Telugu, Dongalunnaru Jagratha, Krishna Vrinda Vihari, and Alluri.

Popular multiplex property AMB Cinemas opened advance bookings for Krishna Vrinda Vihari and capped the ticket rates at regular prices. The same is the case with Dongalunnaru Jagratha in a few multiplexes.

Now, audiences are wondering what is the point of conducting National Cinema Day if half of the multiplexes are not giving the offer. At least, there is no clarity about the films the offer is applicable for. Going by the current process, it looks like this National Cinema Day is going to be a disaster.




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