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Najabhaja From Godfather: Goosebumps Guaranteed!


After a sensational song involving two of India’s biggest superstars, the team of ‘Godfather’ dropped a new song with the name ‘Najabhaja.’ The song’s first impression is good and offers a goosebumps feel.

The song showcases Megastar Chiranjeevi bashing the bad guys. Probably this is a montage song that runs on the backdrop of an action episode. Ram-Laxman supervised the choreography and we see Megastar in full swag.

In the partly grey hair, Chiru wears a full length kurta giving ample mass appeal. Certainly fans go haywire witnessing Megastar’s ultra mass avatar.

This is Thaman’s first film with Chiru and he has delivered back-to-back bass beat numbers. Chiru and director Mohana Raja were also spotted in the composition of the song at Thaman’s studio.

Sri Krishna and Prudhvi Chandra crooned ‘Najabhaja’ on high pitch and made up aptly to suit the tune. Ananta Sriram’s lyrics define the ‘Godfather’ character and it resembles Chiru’s personality all throughout the song.

‘Godfather’ is releasing this Friday on a massive scale worldwide.




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