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Megastar’s Godfather To Take A Dig At All?


Megastar Chiranjeevi’s upcoming film “Godfather” is set for a big showdown on October 5th and the promotions of the film have already started. While the Thaar Maar Thakkar Maar song has excited fans, the political dialogue audio released by Megastar on his Twitter page is garnering wide attention. Also, that invited the reaction of some political outfits too.

Already everyone knows for a fact that the film will be full of political punches as many have already seen what’s in store from Malayalm original “Lucifer”. It’s now coming out that Megastar Chiranjeevi has taken a dig at many political scenarios in the Telugu states with this movie.

After the movie got censored U/A today, the reports are coming out that some dialogues are hitting hard at unfinished construction of capitals, sharing of assets, doing anything to get back into power and filmstars trying to get into politics without knowing the depth of this volatile journey. Well, all these scenarios connect us to the real happenings of them in the real world for sure.

It’s no wonder that many stars are staying away from politically inclined comments these days as they are being monitored by the government big time in some way or the other for those digs. But then, Chiranjeevi putting a foot forward to throw darts at such political stuff is a daring move. But then, some say that the content might be in related to the film’s story only, however, these insiders are exaggerating it for free publicity. Let’s wait for the release anyway.




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