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Mad Comparison Between Chiru & Mohan Lal’s Kicks


Whenever a film is remade in another language, these days it has become the habit of few netizens, especially some trollers, to compare the remake with the original and point out some silly differences. They have a problem when the filmmakers do a frame-by-frame of the original, and they will have a problem even if they don’t do it. Such a thing is happening with Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Godfather now.

Taking the screenshot of Chiranjeevi lifting up his leg and kicking a goon, some netizens started trolling that Mohanlal has lifted his leg so high for that shot while Megastar can’t do it. For the scene featuring Chiru, the opponent was made to sit on a chair and then Chiru kicks him on his chest, while Mohanlal did it against a standing person. With Chiru being just 5 years older than Mohanlal (aged 62), some are commenting that the Megastar’s flexibility and strength is gone.

One wonders if this comparison is anything but madness as there is a lot of difference between both these legendary stars in terms of their approach to acting in films. Also one has to remember the fact that Mohanlal might have done good kicking, but Chiranjeevi is great at dances where the former is not anywhere nearby. It’s really shocking to see such comparisons as that takes nothing from Megastar or his stupendous fame.




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