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Inside Talk: ‘The Ghost’ Has Elements For Kids Too?


Senior hero Nagarjuna Akkineni’s latest film “The Ghost” is getting ready to hit cinemas on October 5th, but then the film got censored with U/A, thus giving an indication that kids and families might not jointly enjoy the film in theatres. However, it is coming out that the film has elements that will excite kids too.

It has come out that almost 50% of the film “The Ghost” has elements and fight sequences that are laced with visual effects. And these fights are filled with numerous humour elements like we see in Hollywood films, Spiderman and Avengers series. In case if these action sequences connect to kids, there is no looking back for the film at the box office as those types of action movies are not being churned out by the Telugu industry.

Apart from this humour elements in fights, there is also sentiment filled in the first half of the movie which forms the crux of the story. If these two elements work big time then Nagarjuna might score a solo biggie after a long time. Directed by Praveen Sattaru of Guntur Talkies and Garudavega movie fame, The Ghost has Sonal Chauhan as the leading lady.




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