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In Pics: Saami.. She Is Sizzling


While promoting her latest movie “Goodbye”, national crush Rashmika Mandanna is making sure to attract Bolywood folks big time with her spicy appearances. After sizzling in a short red-checkered dress other day, the actress has today slipped into a denim blue outfit to turn the heads. And here’s the catch.

Wearing a skirt, a denim strapless bra kind of top and a denim jacket over it, no doubt, the Kannada siren has sparkled big time. However, her top, the bra-like one, looked like they have modified it by cutting out a denim pant.

While lovers of newest fashion creations are appreciating this, other felt wierd as they are saying that Rashmika might have taken her inspiration from Insta star Urfi Javed.

On a whole, the Kannada siren is trying to cash on the Pushpa craze she amassed and her outfits are talking now.




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