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I Get Involved A Bit More Regarding Heroine: Naga Shaurya


Naga Shaurya had to wait a long time for his Krishna Vrinda Vihari to finally get a firm release date. Finally, the movie is all set to hit the screens this Friday (September 23). The talented actor spoke about many things from the movie and also from his life with in an exclusive interview.

The actor spoke about his previous failures like Lakshya and also says he acknowledges the resulting verdict given by the audience. Naga Shaurya even admits he strives to not repeat the same mistakes as Lakshya.

On acting as a brahmin boy, Naga Shaurya says he was keen on not doing too much slang and he also laughs while saying he doesn’t want to be trolled and become meme stuff.

Naga Shaurya also says he can’t do like NTR did in Adhurs. Not just that, the Varudu Kavalenu actor opened up on more interesting topics and watch the interview to know all that.




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