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Hope Alia Bhatt Is Not Repeating A Dhanush


Other day, on the eve of their digital meet event ‘Tudum’, OTT streaming giant Netflix revealed the trailers and teasers of multiple projects that are going to hit the platform in the next year. While Indian and Korean shows are one side, the English projects Netflix revealed are also quite enthralling. Among them, Gal Gadot’s “Heart Of Stone” caught everyone’s attention.

Apparently ‘The Wonder Woman’ actress is actually doing a series of projects exclusively for Netflix and this latest film is special for Indian fans too as it has none other than Alia Bhatt in it. While Gal Gadot will be seen in the role of Rachel Stone, a notorious spy, Alia will be seen as Keya Dhawan from India. Though many expected that Alia’s role will be terrific in the trailer itself, she appeared just like a blink-and-miss character, which is now worrying her fans.

The makers of ‘The Grey Man’ promoted the name of Dhanush big time early this year, but when the film was released, everyone got shocked that the Indian superstar was seen just in a small role of an assassin in the flick. They are wondering if even Alia Bhatt might have got only such a small part in the movie which revolves completely around Gal Gadot’s character only.

At a time when Alia is leading the films with her terrific performances as the likes of Gangubhai Kathiawadi have successfully run only due to her acts, one wonders why did she pick up this Hollywood side character.




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