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Hero Of Half Dozen Films Needs First Hit Badly


When films that are releasing in October haven’t started their full-scale promotions yet with ‘trailers’ also not released, a film that is targeting the November release has now become a hot topic. That is none other than young hero Santosh Sobhan’s “Like Share Subscribe” which is directed by Merlapaka Gandhi of Venkatanadri Express fame. And here’s the catch.

With Santosh Sobhan looking like a promising actor, many production houses signed him in no time and already he has seen four releases including Thanu Nenu, Paper Boy, Ek Mini Katha and Manchi Rojulachhayi. But none of these films have worked at theatres though they made huge sound before the release. Later he has come up with the web series Beauty and Baker as well, but that too didn’t work. And now, he is coming up with this new movie, while his other film, Nandini Reddy’s Anni Manchi Sakunale is also ready.

Winning a good name as an actor won’t make any hero a dependable hero and that’s the reason this youngster needs a massive blockbuster now. For the same reason, the makers are said to have started promoting the film almost two months in advance. We have to see if this hero of half-dozen movies will finally get a break as a box-office loving actor also.




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