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Here Is Why Bollywood Is Happy With Brahmastra


For any other film with a flop top, collecting Rs 50-60 crores is becoming a tough task. At this stage, braving the odds in the form of negative reviews, boycott calls and criticism, Ranbir Kapoor’s latest movie Brahmāstra has done the unthinkable. Despite getting negative feedback, the film impressed the audiences and here’s the proof of that craze.

With just average talk, Brahmāstra went on to collect nearly ₹360 crores gross from all the versions across the globe. While the numbers slightly vary as some trade pundits opined that the film collected only ₹320 crores, still that’s a very big number. From this gross collection, the producers are likely to take home ₹170+ crores easily as their ‘share’. For a film that got 2 to 2.5 stars by most noted critics, and some audience slamming it on Day 1 for the lackluster effort, this is a big achievement we have to say.

All said and done, the common audience who has watched the movie are feeling that the content that revolves around the Astras given to sages back in mythological days, and a modern human trying to save them from falling into the hands of evil-doers is powerful content that reminds us of the roots we have in Hindu culture and ancient history.

But then, trade pundits do say that the film has to collect anything above 800 crores gross to become a safe venture for producers, though the production houses Disney and Dharma Productions are not worried about it. On the other hand, even though Brahmāstra wrapped just half the race, Hindi filmmakers are happy that they have big Bollywood hit after a long time.




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