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Godfather Promotions – Acharya Still Worrying?


The mega promotions of Megastar Chiru’s “Godfather” should start now, and everyone is expecting the matinee idol to come up with some interesting interviews. No doubt, he will be talking about the result of “Acharya” during the promotions and already he has given a couple of ‘punches’ on the result at some events. 

However, if at all Ram Charan also takes part in the promotions as expected by fans, what would the RRR star talk about it has become the point of discussion now. While Ram Charan might have spoken a lot about magnum opus RRR, he is completely absent in the media ever since Acharya flopped big time at the box office. Many times he was supposed to meet media folks at various events, but he has skipped them all. But finally, if he takes part in Godfather promotions, surely Acharya topic will come up and what would he say is something we could look forward to. 

Some sources are revealing that both Chiru and Charan are hugely upset with Acharya and that’s why their promotional plans of Godfather have taken a big dent. They are wondering if they promote Godfather excessively, then unnecessarily Acharya wounds would be scratched again. For now, an interview with Charan as host and Chiru, Mohan Raja as guests is being planned, so let’s see what happens. 




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