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For Last 15 Years, I’m Hearing Such Rumours: Nagarjuna


Recently, there have been rumours about Akkineni Nagarjuna’s political entry and fighting direct elections. It is well known that Nag shares good rapport with AP CM YS Jagan. Nag and Jagan families are close. Given their friendship, of late, there are speculations that Nagarjuna would be contesting for Vijayawada Loksabha seat from ruling YSRCP. When asked about these rumours at The Ghost release trailer event today, Nagarjuna clarified all these rumours.

Nagarjuna, “This is not the first time I’m hearing such rumours. I have heard several rumours about my political entry before. For the last 15 years, I’ve been hearing such rumours. I’m used to them. I don’t give any value to them. I just ignore them.”

With this, Nag makes it very clear that he has no plans of political debut and direct contest. He clarifies all his fans with this statement he gave to the media.




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