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Crisy Runtime For Krishna Vrinda Vihari


Naga Shaurya and Shirley Setia are all set to entertain as Krishna, Vrinda and the film Krishna Vrinda Vihari is about their journey from lovebirds to married couple with acceptance of their families. The journey is going to be fun ride with the contrasting traditions of both the families.

Interim, Krishna Vrinda Vihari is done with the censor and the film directed by Anish R Krishna received U/A certificates. The total duration is crisp with less than 2:20 hours of runtime. Excluding ads and other stuff, the actual runtime will be around 2:15 hours.

Anish Krishna made the movie as an out and out entertainer with some family emotions in the second half. The way Shaurya trying to convince his girlfriend played by Shirley and mother played by Radhika will evoke laughs. The presence of popular comedians assures enough entertainment.

The team is promoting the movie aggressively and Shaurya even did padayatra for more reach.




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