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CM To Launch Aadipurush Teaser In Ayodhya?


These are the days where the subjects related to Hindu mythologies and stories that revolve around the history of India are doing quite well at the box office. From RRR, The Kashmir Files to Karthikeya 2, these films are doing quite well in Bollywood too. And here comes Prabhas’ Aadipurush, the baap of all such movies as the film’s story is nothing but a modern re-telling of Ramayana.

A talk is now coming out that the makers of Aadipurush, including director Om Raut are said to have chosen a special place to unveil a special teaser of the film on the coming Dasara eve. What place is better than ‘Ayodhya’ actually to launch the teaser of Aadipurush? Talk is coming out that Aadipurush teaser will be launched in Ayodhya and none other than UP CM Yogi Adityanath is likely to attend the event.

By that time Prabhas also completes the 13th day ceremony of his uncle, and he will be available for the event without any fail, says the buzz. Featuring Kriti Sanon as the leading lady, Om Raut has carved out Aadipurush in a lavish way with visual effects being the backbone of the film. No doubt, Bollywood is looking forward to this film from a long time in order to shake up the box office.




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