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Chiru’s Batting Is Great, Where Are Others?


From a day where the talk everywhere is about the zero buzz surrounding Megastar Chiranjeevi’s “Godfather”, to a situation where the film garnered enormous buzz now, we have to say that the matinee idol pulled it all. But the moot question, why only this one-side batting is happening?

Apparently, Chiranjeevi has given one interview to anchor Sreemukhi while flying in the air, and the other interview he has given to noted film critic Anupama Chopra. These two interviews, Thaar Maar Thakkar Maar song and the dialogue not he shared on Twitter, have created huge impact on the audience. But then, why is just Chiranjeevi alone promoting the movie?

One may say that the director is busy with the final post-production of the movie and he will not be available for promotions each day. But then, Chiranjeevi could call the likes of Satya Dev and Nayanthara who have played a crucial role in the movie to promote the film, isn’t it? Though Nayanthara is against to promotions, these days she started coming out for a few films and Godfather should have asked her to do the same now, while she hasn’t promoted Sye Raa earlier.

At the same time, if the likes of Satyadev and composer Thaman also promotes the film, the impact would be bigger. But then, Chiranjeevi might have thought that promoting excessively might work against the film like how it happened in Acharya’s case. Godfather is hitting cinemas on October 5th.




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