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Buzz: Why Suresh Babu Is In A Hurry?


Always known for his cool approach to releasing a film, senior producer Suresh Babu is almost like a bible when it comes to chalking out plans for a proper release. He carefully places a movie in theatres, at the right spots, and during the right times, such that the film will get patronized by the audience at the box office. But it looks like all that care is gone now.

Without worrying about competition and creating a massive craze, already last week we have Suresh Babu releasing “Saakini Daakhini” in theatres. By Monday, the film sank without any trace though the senior producer held the movie in the theaters owned by him. And by this Friday, he is surprisingly going to replace that film in all theatres with his other production venture “Dongalunnaru Jagrathha”. Most shockingly, this film’s release date got confirmed only a week ago.

Though Suresh Babu is having own theatres to release films, the problem is that people will not be walking into theatres unless the movie is promoted intensely these days. Only then, walk-ins could be assured for any more even if it stars a big star hero or an upcoming guy. Even though Suresh knows all this, one wonders why he is rushing for movie releases these days.

Also, Suresh Babu made interesting OTT deals for these movies and there is actually no need to release them in theatres. A talk is being heard that OTT platforms are clearing money only if a film is released in theatres, such that the platform need not promote the movie again on social media. Is that the reason Suresh Babu is rushing the movies to big screens?




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