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Bunny With Maternal Cousin In A Commercial Ad


From being one of the Mega heroes to creating his own identity as an Icon star, Allu Arjun traveled this far with determination and planning. Not just that, he thanked his ‘AA army’ during the recent event of Late Allu Ramalingaiah’s book launch, while he addressed Mega fans separately. It looks like he is bringing out his own wings.

In a recent update, Allu Arjun is lending his support to more from his maternal side of the family. It is already known that Allu Arjun introduced Muttamsetty Media as co-producers of Pushpa. And now he gave yet another opportunity to his maternal cousin Viran Muttamsetty, in the form of a commercial ad with him. Bunny gave a chance to Viran to act with him in a TCV for Zomato, directed by Trivikram.

Viran Mutamsetty thanked Bunny saying, ‘Thank u is a very very small you @alluarjunonline garu for giving an opportunity and dream come true .. love u love love bunny bava . To act in a commercial ad with you … what else I need.. A very special thanks to @sarathchandranaidu my brother .. What a day. Directed by @trivikram garu. Dop.vinod garu .. acting with allu arjun garu 😍 3.10.2022. Wait to see that ad 😃

Viran’s Father was one of the producers from Muttamsetty Media, Muttamsetty Rajendra Prasad.




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