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BoyFriend For Hire: Targets Youth.. Hits Nice


The trailer of upcoming movie ‘Boyfriend for Hire’ is released today. This movie in particular created some curiosity amongst youth with its crazy title and the unique concept of hiring a boyfriend.

Interestingly, the trailer stood up to the expectations with display of entertaining characters and dialogues that are targeted at youth. The ‘fun filled’ content shows that the story has a very interesting plot and entertaining characterizations.

The trailer is designed to be ‘eye catching’, succeeds in adding more curiosity for sure. Though the movie is small in terms of size, it holds good production values. It has good visuals and the music that supports the narration.

Viswanth and Malavika as lead pair, the movie hosts Pooja Ramachandran, comedians like Madhu Nandan and Sudarshan Reddy. Santosh Kambhampati is debuting as the director while Niranjan Reddy K and Venu Madhav Peddi are bank rolling the project.




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