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Bigg Boss: Weird Elimination Surprised All


Finally, the first elimination happened in Bigg Boss Telugu season 6. Last week, there was no elimination, and host Nagarjuna said that as housemates are getting used to the game, Bigg Boss decided not to eliminate anyone.

However, the makers compensated this week by holding a double elimination. In last night’s episode, actor Shani Solomon was evicted from the house. But his eviction happened in a very strange way.

Generally, when a contestant gets evicted from the house, he/she will be invited to the stage and have a conversation with Nagarjuna. Later, they will be shown their journey videos and also will be given a chance to interact with housemates for one last time.

None of these happened in the case of Shani. He was sent out of the house in a normal way. He was not shown his journey video on the stage. He was not given a chance to interact with the housemates, and Nag didn’t give any task to him on the stage. Thus, this elimination seemed very weird to the audience.

Meanwhile, it is heard that Abhinaya Sree will get evicted from the house tonight.




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