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Banaras Trailer: Love Story With Sci-fi Elements


It’s the season of time travel concept and we have seen few movies made under the sci-fi genre. Interestingly, most of them such as Bimbisara and Oke Oka Jeevitham turned out to be hits. Banaras is yet another film falls under the genre of time travel.

Trailer of Banaras starring Zaid Khan and Sonal Monteiro gives insight into what the film is all about. The trailer begins showcasing the cultural beauty rituals that takes place in the holy city on daily basis. Zaid who is from the future proposes his love to Sonal. She also accepts his love. But there is a problem in the love. He travels in time to set right the things.

The love story as well as the time travel elements are raising curiosity. Zaid Khan and Sonal Monteiro are amiable together and are convincing to their parts. Banaras will release in all south languages and Hindi on November 4th.




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