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AR Rahman’s Magic Is Missing Once Again


Once upon a time, the very name AR Rahman used to bring audiences to theatres for the kinds of songs he delivers and the background score he gives for the films. From that mode, now it has come out where the legendary Oscar-winning composer’s songs are no more appealing. Here is the latest example.

In the latest years, Rahman has scored music for many Tamil films but none of the songs have worked out. Neither they are chartbusters nor they appeased to music lovers or to his fans especially. From the last month, the songs of Maniratnam’s big budgeted epic film Ponniyan Selvan 1 are being released but none of them are getting attention from music lovers. They are saying that the magic of AR Rahman is completely missing in these songs.

One would wonder if Rahman has lost his Midas touch or if he just lost interest in creating something new and refreshing after entertaining music lovers for nearly three decades. Even the background score is composed by Rahman’s gang of composers, and their musical ensemble, named Qutub-E-Kripa is not entertaining and engaging these days, and we have to see what they delivered for PS1 now.




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