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Alia Bhatt Gets Into Clothing Business Again


When it comes to Bollywood’s star heroines, they make sure to use the most of their pregnancy. While the likes of Shilpa Shetty started channels to explain the things related to pregnancy, Kareena Kapoor has banked on selling maternity photoshoots. And here comes Alia Bhatt, who is going a bit ahead to launch her own maternity-clothing line now.

“What started off as me trying to fill a gap in my existing wardrobe, led to an entire maternity collection. And I can’t wait to give you a sneak-peek,” wrote Alia on her Instagram today, explaining various causes that prompted her to come up with this clothing line. Earlier, the actress launched a kids’ clothing line, and now that she’s coming up with a maternity line, it looks like Alia will be transforming herself into a fashion entrepreneur very soon while she happens to be a fashion icon for youths already.

Guess what, the likes of other pregnant heroines, Bipasha Basu have now commented, “So badly needed. I am struggling to find comfort wear too all the time and clothes that fit . Can’t wait”. Looks like Alia Bhatt got her celebrity customers ready, and we have to see how this business works.

In the past, many heroines started clothing businesses including the likes of Samantha, but the success is minimal. The likes of Kajal Aggarwal and Tamannaah started a jewelry business but that didn’t take off well.




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