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#Aadipurush: Tamil Fans Having Funny Revenge Time


In recent times, the biggest fight that happened between Telugu and Tamil film lovers is regarding the movie “Ponniyan Selvan 1”. As the Tamil fans started to say that this Maniratnam movie is bigger than Baahubali, Telugu fans teased them on Twitter and other social media on the release of PS1.

With Tollywood’s critics also giving average reviews for PS1, even Tamil fans trolled the Telugu audience and Telugu films, and it looks like they are exacting more revenge now. After the arrival of “Aadipurush” teaser, many noted Tamil critics are seen putting up comments like ‘What is this VFX?’ and so on, while Telugu critics praised the teaser as goosebump inducing stuff. Then started memes and posts, trolling Aadipurush and the Telugu fans, as Tamil fans started putting posts like which is great among PS1 and Aadipurush.

Some Tamil fans could be seen commenting that karma is hitting back at Telugu cinema as they have rejected a masterpiece like Ponniyan Selvan 1. And this flow of comments is not stopping though Telugu fans are quick to give a retort saying that Aadipurush is more of a Bollywood movie with a Telugu hero, but not a Telugu film. Also, some ask, haven’t Tamil folks carved out movies like Rajni’s Kochhadaiyaan and Vijay’s

At the same time, the very root cause of this fight is that PS1 is bigger than Baahubali, sounds funny, that too when foreigners are enjoying Rajamouli’s films back to back at screenings in Los Angeles while PS1 is nowhere to be heard there.




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