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Wow! Most Hilarious Speech From Megastar


In recent times, Megastar Chiranjeevi’s speeches have become quite boring and serious as he is missing out that ‘humour’ angle these days. But other day, at the launch of a book written on late legend Allu Ramalingaiah, Megastar broke everyone into splits as he spoke like anything else. 

Praising Allu Ramalingaiah on the eve of his 100th birth anniversary, Megastar explained how the legendary comedian and producer fished him out from the group of youngsters in the film Pranam Kareedu movie, such that they would get him married to daughter Surekha. “Allu Arvind also supported the match with me, as he imagined a bright future for me as well as a bright future for him if he travels with me. He is a visionary and could expect things well in advance” Megastar said, making the audience bump out of seats. 

Saying that Allu Arvind managed to get three days for his marriage from producer MS Reddy who is holding his dates, Chiru said, “They got me 3 days for my marriage, first day for making me a bridegroom, second day for my marriage and third day for that thing that many people will do”, once again breaking everyone into laughs. The likes of Allu Arjun’s wife Sneha can’t stop laughing while Surekha also blushed big time. 

During the shooting of Vaana Vallappa Vallappa song, Allu Ramalingaiah has one day visited the sets of ‘Annayya’ movie and is said to have spoke a double entendre. “As the songs lyrics goes like ‘Vaana Vallappa Ollu Appaginchei Saamiranga’, Allu Ramalingaiah asked me ‘Ginchinda?’. When I asked him what it is again, he said, ‘Ollu Appaginchinda?’, which really surprised me”, explained Chiru, saying that AlluRG used to be a fun person a lot. 

More than Chiru praising anything about AlluRG, it is his hilarious narrative that worked out big time in the audience. 




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