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Teja’s comments on Pushpa: Far away from Ground reality


Director Teja’s next release is Ahimsa. Rana’s brother Abhiram Daggubati is marking his acting debut with the film. The director is always known to be making bold statements on various things related to the film industry. The comments he made on Allu Arjun’s Pushpa are currently going viral on social media.

Speaking to a leading Telugu news daily, Teja said, “Pushpa is a big hit in North, and since it fared well there, everyone is believing that the film has become a big blockbuster. But in fact, the film failed to do well in Andhra Pradesh. The film resulted in a deficit in some areas of Andhra Pradesh. I know cases where the film failed to recover the investment. On the other hand, Radhe Shyam did well compared to Pushpa. And then, Acharya resulted in loss again.” said Teja.

He also stressed the fact that emotions will hold the audience together. “Irrespective of the language that the film is made in, if there is a proper emotion, the audiences will always encourage the film,” said Teja in this context.

The director might have a point, but the way he put his opinion forward indicates that Pushpa lacked proper content. For someone who is in the film industry for more than two decades, director Teja knows the ground reality, but his opinion lacks proper facts.

What happened, in reality, is that Pushpa may have resulted in losses in some areas of Andhra Pradesh, but the reason for the same is not the content. Pushpa has great engaging content, but the reason behind the losses is the ticket prices.

Pushpa was released in theatres at a time when the Andhra Pradesh government decreased the price of ticket rates in the state. When all the filmmakers were in doubt as to release their film or not, the makers of Pushpa took the daring step.

In many areas of Andhra Pradesh, the ticket rates were slashed drastically. However, when Radhe Shyam was released, the government officially passed a G.O. to increase the ticket rates again. It could be the reason why the Prabhas starrer resulted in profits, despite being termed as a flop film.

If Pushpa resulted in the loss, it is purely because of the ups and downs in the ticket rates but not because of the content. It is a fact, and everyone who is aware of showbiz will agree without an iota of doubt.




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