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Rajulandhu Prabhas Raju Veraya!

Of course, we have many superstars who do service to society through charity and some feel that serving the people that gave them status, money, and power is nothing but giving more ‘good’ films which the fans have to watch by buying a ticket. Amidst this, the “Baahubali” star Prabhas is proving that he is bigger than the legendary and the scenes at Mogalturu are reflecting his greatness. 

For the memorial meeting of his uncle Krishnam Raju who expired two weeks ago, the star hero Prabhas has not only invited thousands of fans to have lunch at their Mogalturu residence, but the menu he got made for the meal is truly amazing and bigger than any king-size we usually speak about. 

As per the attendees, the menu includes 22 non-vegetarian items including mutton curry, mutton biryani, gongura prawns, stuffed crab, little eel fish (Bommidayulu), silver Pomfret fry, Asisan sea bass fish (Pandugappa) and many fried as well as curry varieties of Chicken. The mutton and chicken biryani were prepared almost 6-9 tonnes in terms of quantity such that everyone will get a full-meal and there will be no shortage of food until the last man eats. All the arrangements and food easily cost somewhere around ₹70 lacs including the raw materials, preparation and the serving teams. 

They say that Prabhas has spent nearly a ₹1 crore to organise this lunch for fans, and there is no other Superstar or any film actor in India who has held such a massive food fest for fans, that too at a memorial meet. That’s why fans are now saying, “Rajulandhu Prabhas Raju Veraya!!”. Not only he enjoys a king-like stardom and lives a king-like life, but treats his people like one. 



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